Hey there!

My name is Mana and I’m from Montreal, Canada, here to share my passion with you.

I’m a coffee addict, book lover and baking obsessed girl. I’m all for women power in the work force and working hard for what you want. I’m a strong believer that good things happen to good people. I believe that those who smile the brightest are often those who are hurting the most. I believe in second chances and happily ever after. I believe that everything happens for a reason even though we may not understand it right away.

A little bit about me:

I’m a first generation Persian – Canadian. Both my parents were born and raised in Iran before deciding to move to Canada where they had my sister and me.

I met the love of my life when I was twenty and we have been together ever since. 

We got engaged on my 25th birthday and got married two years later on our seven-year anniversary.

Why the Blog name do you ask?

In Iran they’re really big on names that have a meaning and my parents, wanting to follow tradition, named me Mana, which means Eternal in Persian. When I was trying to find a name for my Blog, I wanted something that had a special meaning behind it. After searching the web and Pinterest (I honestly use Pinterest for everything), I realized the answer was there all along: The Eternal Blogger.

                                  What to expect in this Blog?

I will be talking about a lot of things in this Blog, but mostly it will be a happy lifestyle, positive thinking Blog. I love spending time in the kitchen so I will be posting some of my best recipes on a regular basis. I have an adorable French Bulldog by the name of Cookie, so there will also be a section about All Things Frenchie dedicated to all Frenchie Lovers out there. Being the book addict I am, I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite books and new discoveries along the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lets be friends on Instagram: @eternally_mana