Best Valentine’s Day Present For Your Hubby You Can Make at Home

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Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?

It’s the most romantic day of the year! I know what you’re going to say, isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be celebrated every day of the year and not just one day? Yes! I completely agree! Showing your significant other that you love them should not only be reserved for one day, you should make them feel special and loved, every day! However, with our busy schedule, not every one can afford or has the time to go out or buy something for their significant other. I know that’s not the point of Valentine’s Day, but it is a great excuse to spoil your loved one with a little something.

Now who says that something has to expensive or over the top. I often prefer something that’s more a DIY because it comes from the heart and shows that the person put a lot of thought and time into it.

Here are some great DIY ideas that are guaranteed to be a success for your hubby:

  • open when letters

This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and if you want to make something really personal. I did this for my husband on his birthday when we had just moved into our Condo. We had just moved in and we were in the mist of planning our wedding which was just about four months away, so budget was a little bit tight. I still wanted to give him something, so I checked on Pinterest for some ideas. This was perfect because depending on how you did them, they could last for a long time.  The way I did mine were short letters and I included either pictures or a little gift depending on what the title was. My husband loved them! If you need inspiration, here’s a few titles to help get you started:

  1. Open When… you need to know how much I love you
  2. Open When….you need a good laugh
  3. Open When…you’re having a bad day
  4. Open When…you need motivation
  5. Open When…I’m mad at you
  6. Open When…you’re mad at me
  7. Open When…you’re feeling sick
  8. Open When…you’re sad
  9. Open When…you’re feeling lonely
  10. Open When…you miss me
  • DIY Picture Frame

This is one of my favorites! I did this a few years ago for Christmas for my hubby when we had gone through a rough time and I needed something to show him how much he meant to me. Safe to say it did the trick and it was a huge success.

This is really easy to do: buy a picture frame that is big enough and has enough space around the picture for you to write on. Put you’re favorite couple picture in it. With a pen, write around the picture (on the white space around the picture) what you love about him. When you’re done, it should look something like this (see picture). My husband loved this and was really touched by it.

Note: You can find really nice picture frames at Michaels. They have a large variety and the prices are really reasonable.

  • Funny T-Shirts

If your husband is into funny things like mine, you can find pretty funny T-Shirts on Amazon and Etsy. I ordered us a pair of T-Shirts from Etsy about three years ago for our anniversary and my husband loved them and thought they were hilarious! Mine said “My Husband’s Wife is Freaking Awesome” while his said “I Fear No One Except My Wife”. We wore it on our trip to Portugal a few years ago and everyone loved it! You can buy individual ones for about 20-25$ or they sale them in pairs for about 40$-50$. We got ours from Etsy for about 40$ for both. If you are ordering from Etsy, keep in mind that the delivery time can be long. If you want to be safe, get them from Amazon and most of them have the express shipping option if you want them fast.

[amazon_link asins=’B0133X62PM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’’ marketplace=’CA’ link_id=’9fbd0fee-24dd-11e8-8eaf-990d13e9d588′]

  • DIY Gift in a Jar

I know it’s overrated, but it’s a good one because there are so many different ways you can do this! You can do a little “minibar” in a jar if he likes to make his own drinks, like a little Rum & Coke (my hubby’s favorite), just get a small bottle of coke and rum, put it in the jar and voila! You can also add some of your hubby’s favorite treats in there. For example my husband loves Jelly Beans, M&M’s and my homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. I could just get a jar, fill it up with that (going to Bulk & Barn would be great cause you can get a bunch of sweets for a fraction of the price) and give it to him. I KNOW he will be happy and touched by that and I won’t be breaking the bank. Again, if you want something a little bit more romantic and personal, you can also put notes in a jar and everyday for lets say 30 days if you put 30 notes, he picks up a note in the morning. Sky is the limit when it comes to Gifts in a Jar so have fun with it!

  • Engraved Items

This is a great way to personalize something he already owns or wants. I’ve done this for so many different things. My husband is obsessed with watches so one year I got him a watch he really wanted and made it extra special by engraving a personalized message in the back. I’ve also done in on bottle openers and key chains. I’ve also seen some do it on hammers (if your hubby is quite the handyman, this could be a cool gift). So again, you can really have a lot of fun with this.

I hope these ideas helped and that they inspired you with your own special gift for your hubby! If you have any more ideas or suggestions, please write them in the comments!


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