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Cookie’s First Days

Cookie’s first days with us were a challenge.
We got him from the breeder at night. Initially we booked an appointment with the breeder after seeing pictures of the available dogs she had. We weren’t supposed to go home with him right away; we figured we would give a deposit and come back in a few days to pay the balance and pick him up. I guess she felt he was ready to go so we did end up taking him home with us that same night. We got there around 7:00 pm and after choosing Cookie and going over all the paper work, by the time we left it was already after 9:00 pm. Cookie was already sleeping in my arms when we left and he woke up on the car ride home. I felt so bad because he didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to his brother or sister….
He didn’t sleep much that first night.
I had to leave for work, but my husband took the day off so he could be with him during the day. He didn’t eat much the first few days and had some diarrhea. I kept texting his breeder but she said it was normal because he was in a new home, adjusting to new food (he was switching from new-born food to baby food) and we were also continuing with his deworming treatments so it was just a lot of stress for our little guy. Sure enough after about 2-3 days he was doing better.
He slept a lot at the beginning!
And in really weird positions that got me thinking how can he possibly be comfortable? But he was. He would fall asleep in pretty much any position and sleep like that for hours. It was pretty hilarious. He was also very affectionate at the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, he still is which is one of the things I love most about him. But I think because we got him at such a young age and he wasn’t sure where he was or what was going on that he just wanted to stay close to us for security. I didn’t mind at all because honestly, he was and still is the cutest little dog ever so who cares if he always wants to stay close to me.
One thing you should definitely know about French Bulldogs is that they fart!

And by fart, I don’t mean a little fart here or there, no I mean as soon as they get comfortable and are all snuggled up next to you, they just start bombing away. And it smells! Oh God the smell! I can’t even describe it but they are smelly farts! So watch out because as cute and cuddly as they are, they will fart as loud and often as they can!

Once the first few weeks were over and he got adjusted well into his new environment, got used to his new puppy food and felt more comfortable with us, he was doing much better. He slowly started showing us his character. He loves to sleep, play with his toys, he has a lot of energy and he was and still is a little Mama’s Boy. He loves apples, like really loves them. I’ll just be taking an apple out of the refrigerator and as soon as I give that first bite, it doesn’t matter where he is, he runs like crazy towards me to get a piece. He has definitely made his place known in our little family.

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