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How To Bathe Your Frenchie

With their big ears and little wrinkled face, you want to make sure your French Bulldog is getting a proper bath every now and then to keep him clean. Usually it’s recommended for dogs to bathe every two to three months since the shampoo and soap can irritate the skin and their fur if exposed regularly.  For Frenchies, six weeks is usually the amount of time to go in between baths.

You want to make sure you have a good shampoo. I use the O’select brand I got from the pet store. It’s affordable and all natural products which I love. I have however heard great things about the Healthy Breeds brand which is highly recommended for French Bulldogs so I will definitely try it out when my bottle of O’select runs out. Make sure whatever brand you do decide to go with is all natural based so it won’t cause and redness or irritation to your fur baby’s skin.

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When you’re giving them a bath, you want to fill out your bath tub with about 10 inches of lukewarm water (you want the water to reach about just under their stomach). Make sure your Frenchie is already in the tub when you start filling it out. I’ve noticed that if I put Cookie in the tub after I’ve already filled it out with water, he will usually get scared and will not want to go in. But if he’s already in the tub before I start filling in, it’s a completely different story. He’s much happier and playful. I usually put one of his rubber toys in the tub with him and he just plays with it until I’ve filled up the bath.

Once you’ve filled your bathtub with the necessary amount of water,  rinse your Frenchie with water. I usually have a small plastic cup I use for this. I just fill it with water from the bath and rinse Cookie. Make sure your not getting any water in his eyes or ears. I cover his ears and his eyes with my hands while rinsing to make sure he doesn’t get any water in them. Afterwards, just put a bit of shampoo on the palm of your hands and rub gently on your Frenchie. Rinse thoroughly with water. Towel dry.

Frenchies’ tend to get cold often so I have a little bathrobe for my Cookie Monster that I have him wear until he’s completely dry. Cookie doesn’t like the blow dryer so the bathrobe is perfect for me. You can find really cute bathrobe on Amazon so have fun with that!

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