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How To Clean Your Frenchies Ears

French Bulldogs are known for having big bat ears! So they do tend to get dirty faster than the average dog. For average dogs, it’s usually the protocol to clean their ears about once a month. For Frenchies however, since their ears are bigger, they will tend to accumulate dust quite frequently, so it’s best to clean every two weeks. I would probably clean it every week if Cookie wasn’t so fussy about it.

The brand that I use and strongly recommend is Avena Sativa. It was highly recommended by Cookie’s breeder and Vet and it’s also dermatologist approved. I don’t think any dog out there likes getting their ears clean so they will be fussy and trying to fight you off. What I find works great with Cookie is that me and my husband do it together. My husband will lye him down on his lap to clean his ears while I rub his face and neck to calm him down. I also have treats with me so when he starts to get really difficult I just give him a treat and it usually calms him down for a few minutes.

What you want to do is basically lie him down on his side, make sure he’s nice and comfortable otherwise he will be moving a lot during the process and that just makes it harder for everyone. Once you have him lied down, you want to put some of the product in his ear, but make sure it doesn’t go all the way in, you just want to be making it moist so it’s easier for you to clean. Then you want to get a Q-tip or a cotton swab (I find Q-tips work best for me) and just clean the ear by getting all the dirt and ear debris out. Repeat for the other ear and you’re pretty much done.

Make sure to give your little fur baby a treat to show him he was a good boy for sticking it out during the whole process.

If you’re able to do it once a week, great, otherwise every two weeks is fine. Don’t do it less than every two weeks otherwise their ears will get really dirty and you will notice your Frenchie will constantly be scratching their ears when it gets to dirty to get the dust out and it can cause infections.

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