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That Time When Cookie Went on a Food Strike

When we got Cookie, his breeder had him on a rice and lamb diet. She said that it’s one of the best types of foods that is highly recommended for French Bulldogs. Since he seemed to like it and it was good for him, we decided to continue with that diet.

When he turned one last June, we had to change his food because the brand he was using was for puppies and well, he was no longer a puppy. We wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible for him since he was known for having a sensitive stomach. So after asking around, contacting his breeder and talking to his vet, we decided to continue with the rice and lamb diet but with a different brand that was well-known and approved by vets. The brand we went with is Vet Diet. He seemed to love it and he wasn’t having any bad reactions to it.

Cookie was happy, so we were happy.

We went to a cottage one weekend with my sister-in-law who brought her dog also. She and Cookie got along fine so it was all good. Now Cookie was on his dry food diet of lamb and rice, my sister-in-laws dog was on a soft food diet, precisely Caesars. You know how they say the grass is greener on the other side? Well, Cookie decided that he no longer liked his food and preferred Caesars. Lucky for us, my sister-in-law had extra so it was enough for both dogs.

You would think that when we got back home Cookie would go back to eating his regular food right? Wrong!

He didn’t even go near his food when we got back home. And when he would, he would sniff it and then just leave without eating anything. This went on for about two days. I started getting worried and thinking that he would starve to death, but my husband told me not to worry and that if he was hungry, he would eat. Well, he would, just not a lot. I would leave food for him in the morning and then I would go to work. When I would come back home, I would look in his bowl and I would see that he ate a bit, but not much. I seriously started considering switching his food, but at the same time I didn’t want to because we had just bought him two months worth of food so I didn’t want to waste it. And he would eat, although not right away when we would give it to him and not in front of us, but he would eventually end up eating his food because well, he was hungry.

I finally found out what he was doing the little monster. He would eat, just not in front of us because he didn’t want us to think he was actually eating! You know how I found out? I went to the bathroom one day and when I came out, I saw that he was eating his food, but as soon as he saw me, he stopped eating and pretended he wasn’t hungry. This went on for days! It was really funny! I think he thought that if we really believed that he wasn’t eating his food, we would just switch his food to Caesars. But we stood our ground and made him realize that we would not be changing his food anytime soon and he just had to deal with it.

His food “strike” lasted about a week until he finally gave in.

It was pretty hilarious while it lasted, but I guess he finally realized who’s the real boss in the house, and it’s definitely not him!

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