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Tips for Walking a Frenchie

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If you have a French Bulldog then you know that they are probably the most stubborn breed on the planet. They don’t listen, they often look at you confused when you give them orders and they will not stay! It took my husband a lot of training to be able to teach Cookie simple commands such as stay, sit and come. Since I’m the one who often takes Cookie out on walks, I had to learn to be very patient with him and learn tricks along the way that will make walking with him easier. Here’s a list of things that work really well in my opinion:

Get a Harness instead of a Collar

You have much better control over them and you can easily guide your Frenchie better. Cookie loves to pull on the leash, so with a harness, I find I have much better control of him since I’m controlling his entire body instead of just the neck area. It’s also recommended by professionals to use a harness for short nose breeds (bulldogs, pugs…) since they often have breathing problems and a harness is better for their airways and on the long run. If you want to spoil your little one, you can find some really great harness designs at Big Little Dogs or Frenchie Bulldog. They are a bit pricey, but they are absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely be investing in one for Cookie before the summer.

Try sticking to times of the day when it’s less hot

French Bulldogs can’t handle the heat. I had mentioned in a previous post that they don’t tolerate the heat very well. Therefore, it’s best to walk with them during the time of the day when it’s less hot. When it gets to warm, they often get really hot and start having trouble breathing. Again, because they are a short nose breed, they do have breathing problems so it’s best to avoid any overheating. If you do have to take them out during the daytime when it’s hot, make sure to have cold water with you so they can stay hydrated. Another good tip would be to get a cooling bandana for them. They sell some really great ones on for about 9.99$ with great designs.


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Bring a collapsible water bowl and bottle

So this brings me to my previous point about not letting your Frenchie overheat which could be quite often during summertime. I always make sure to have a collapsible water bowl and bottle with myself when I’m taking Cookie out for a walk during summer time, because he tends to get hot really fast (like I mentioned before, very common for French Bulldogs). As soon as he starts panting because he’s hot, I just stop and give him his water. That way he’s nice and hydrated and can keep going. I got my collapsible water bowl from Amazon and it’s great because it has a little hook which allows me to attach it to his leash that way I’m sure I never forget it.

Practice walking with treats

I mentioned earlier that Cookie loves to pull on the leash. Especially when he sees people, which is quite often (Cookie is more a people person then a dog person). I find that having treats with me while walking with him is a great way of having him come back towards me when he’s pulling to hard.

Make sure they understand “stay”

Obviously if you’re walking outside with your dog, they are bound to take care of their “business”. You need to make sure that they master the art of the “stay” command so they can patiently wait while you pick up their “business”, otherwise, they will be pulling on the leash and you will find it much harder to clean up after them if they’re continuously trying to get away.

 ALWAYS have poop bags!

You do not want to be one of those dog owners that leaves your dog poop behind because you forgot to pack poop bags. Gone are the days where you had to make sure to had bags with you before you leave the house with your dog. You can easily get poop bag holders from pretty much anywhere. I got mine from Amazon and it came with one roll of bags. It’s really convenient because they have a clip that allows you attach it right to the leash that way you never forget it. It’s honestly one of my best purchases as far as dog gear goes because I just find it so convenient.

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