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Top Frenchies To Follow on Instagram Right Now

My little Cookie Monster has become so popular that I had to create his own Instagram account so he can have his own followers. I have to say, he’s not doing so bad and has even managed to become an Instagram model with DoggiStyle London. He got his own gear to show off and since he’s now an official influencer, they even gave him his own discount code that way anyone who would want to purchase from DoggiStyle London can go through Cookie and get a 20% discount by using his code.

Cookie’s Instagram: @cookie_the_frenchie14

DoggiStyle London Website:

Instagram: @doggistylelondon

Discount Code: cookie20

The Frenchie community on Instagram is really big and popular (I mean honestly, French Bulldogs are just the cutest breed ever if you ask me). There’s a lot of adorable Frenchie Instagram accounts, but here are my top picks that Cookie follows and loves!


Kingston Callahan

He is definitely one of my favorites. His pictures are amazing and he’s always dressed up in the most fashionable dog wear. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love a fashionable frenchie? I’m totally jealous! If you’re looking to follow a Frenchie that has AMAZING fashion sense, definitely follow him!

Instagram: @kingstoncallahan




Monsieur Babinsky

This cutie lives all the way in Belgium. He’s a Blue Frenchie and is all class. He’s often sporting a bow tie and you can see him being quite active and popular. For an active yet classic frenchie to follow, definitely check him out!

Instagram: @monsieurbabinsky





Mr. Louie Frank

Another cutie with a bow tie (I don’t know what it is with a Frenchie wearing a bow tie, but I just find them irresistible!). His pictures are great and he does a few funny pictures which I just love (his Christmas photo shoot was one of my favorites!). Make sure to follow him if you want your daily dose of funny frenchie pictures!

Instagram: @louiethefrenchiee





This gorgeous girl is all the way from Germany. She is so precious and is also a model for DoggiStyle London like Cookie. Her mommy keeps her quite busy and takes her out on adventures all over Germany. She also has one of the best Instagram Stories, so make sure to follow her if you’re looking for a Frenchie that posts a lot about her travels and adventures.

Instagram: @josie_n_me




Frank & Oliver

I am obsessed with these two brothers, Frank and Oliver. They are soo adorable and I could honestly just look at their pictures all day long. They are Frenchie brother goals basically. My hubby and I want to get another Frenchie when we move into a house in a few years so Cookie will have someone to play with, and when I look at the pictures of Frank and Oliver, I just can’t wait for that day to be today. They are so cute and their owners dress them perfectly so there always matching. Looking at them snuggling together just makes my heart melt! Definitely follow them if you are looking to be swoon off your feet by some serious bromance.

Instagram: @frank_and_oliver


And there you have it, all my favorite French Bulldog accounts to follow on Instagram. Make sure to add them to your list of Frenchies to follow for your dose of daily French Bulldog cuteness.

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