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Travel Tips with Your Frenchie

My hubby and I are big travel junkies! Whether it’s an 8 hour flight or 2 hour road trip, we love to travel. One of our biggest concerns when we got Cookie was how were we going to travel now that we had a dog? How could we include him in our trips. We didn’t want to stop travelling because we got Cookie, but we also didn’t want to leave him behind. So, we had to come up with some sort of solution.

The first thing you want to take into consideration is how you’re travelling. My husband and I agree on one thing: no planes. We’ve heard to many horror stories about pets on a plane and how unfortunately some of them don’t survive, so we’ve decided to never bring Cookie on a plane with us.

The Car Rule

If you travel a lot by car and love to take road trips like we do, you should definitely invest in a car seat for your little fur baby. This is something that is really crucial since it not only guarantees their safety in the car, but it’s also really comfortable for them. Don’t forget, dogs tend to get car sick when been in the car too long. So, you want to make sure that they’re as comfy as possible. We got an amazing car seat from the pet store, however it was rather expensive. If you’re looking for something efficient and safe, check out Amazon. We got his second car seat from there for a really affordable price (yes we got him a second car seat, dogs are like kids, as they grow you need to adjust their car seat so that they are comfortable and safe).

Another important thing to remember during the car ride is to ensure you have water and snacks for your fur baby. You never know what can happen on the road and you want to be prepared for any situation.

Pet Friendly

Whenever my husband and I decide to travel somewhere and bring Cookie along, we ALWAYS do our research before hand. Is the place pet friendly? Do they accept dogs? Are you able to bring him out with you? Sure, it’s great that you’re bringing your dog with you during your travels. But what’s the point if there’s no activities for them and they’ll be stuck in the hotel room while you’re out exploring? So make sure to do your research on the places you’re planning to visit. Ideally, you want to go somewhere that has a lot of outdoor activities and that the stores and restaurants accept dogs. Websites like Bring Fido are great when it comes to finding pet friendly vacation spots.

Bring a little bit of home with you

Finally, one of the most important things you want to do is bring a little bit of home with you. A lot of dogs tend to get disoriented and anxious when they are not in their environment. Being in a different city in a new place can have dogs feeling nervous. They don’t understand what’s going on or where they are. It’s confusing for them. So you want to make sure that you make the transition as smoothly as possible for them. I strongly suggest bringing their bed or favorite blanket from home along with one or two of their toys. This will have them feeling more at home and can significantly reduce their level of stress.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know what you think in the comments and your own experience of travelling with pets.
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