Weekend Vibes


Sleeping in, doing what I want, spending more time with Cookie (cause honestly it’s never enough lol), and just relaxing. This weekend was a pretty good weekend. It was my birthday weekend, so hubby took me out for breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast spots: Ben & Florentine.

If you live in Canada, than depending in what part of the country you live in, you may have the honor of having one in your town. Lucky for me, I live in Montreal, so there’s a Ben & Florentine pretty much in every town. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast (make sure to check out my smoothie post) so when I go out to eat, I tend to spoil myself a little bit. Being my birthday weekend and all, I definitely spoiled myself with my personal favorite, Ben’s choice. Pancakes, with bananas and strawberries topped with chocolate, like hello, I’m in heaven! This time, I went for the French Toast version instead of my usual pancakes, still good.

After breakfast, we went home and I called up my mom to do a bit of shopping. I recently started my freelance writing business and now with my blog starting to take off, I figured it was the perfect excuse to get me a day planner. I went to my favorite store in the world when it comes to books and all things pretty: Indigo! They honestly have the most beautiful things when it comes to office supplies and just pretty much anything pretty and feminine for your house. It’s essentially a book store, but a few years ago they started selling more things like office supplies, cups, blankets and pretty much anything that is really popular at that moment. I could honestly spend hours in this store and not get bored. After browsing for a good twenty minutes, I found the cutest day planer ever.

I mean seriously, how cute is this day planner. I’m absolutely in love! I didn’t want something to small because I won’t be carrying it around with me in my purse. This is something that I’m going to essentially be leaving at home and organize my day with so it’s just perfect. And the best part? It was on sale! I hate paying full price for things so when I find something I love and notice it’s on sale, it makes my day!

Off course when I find what I want, I spend some time looking around to see if I can find any hidden treasures. In this store, pretty much everything is a hidden treasure!

How awesome are these pens? They are great for the all the working girls out there! I honestly had to stop myself from buying them all!

I find that they have the most unique fun things. Like have you ever heard of reading socks??? How adorable is that! And so great to have for all the bookworms out there. Also great gift ideas!

Once I finished drooling at all their pretty girly things and finally left the store after spending way too much time there, we went to Winners / Homesense. I’ve been meaning to make our laundry room nicer. It’s a bit all over the place and not the most functional room at the moment. My husband installed some shelves and cupboards for me a few years ago to give me more storage but I still find like there’s something missing. I did find a few cute things to make it look better for now though.


I got the cutest laundry basket. Currently we have one we got from IKEA when we first moved in, but it’s not the best one because it never stands properly and somehow my hubby always manages to never put the clothes in the basket, but next to it. So it was time for an upgrade and to get a big one that way my husband will never miss. I saw this beauty and fell in love so it was definitely coming home with me.






Last but not least, I found this cute little box to put my laundry detergent in. It matches the color of the basket and the whole blue and white theme I’m going for. This one was definitely coming home with me. Another great purchase I’m proud of.





So what about you guys? What did you do on the weekend?




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