When in doubt, wear Lipstick

When I first got married almost 4 years ago, my mom gave me a very important tip that I still follow to this day: when you leave the house, always make sure you are wearing lipstick.

Some of you might find this an odd tip, but when you think about it, it’s actually really smart and has come in handy on more than one occasion. A girl who wears lipstick shows that she has class and is confident. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those who don’t wear lipstick aren’t classy or lack confidence. There’s a lot of classy confident women out there who don’t wear lipstick because either they don’t feel like it or quite frankly didn’t have time to put some on (I’ll admit that I’ve been in that situation a few times so now I always make sure to have lipstick in my purse).

Lets me honest though, when you see a girl who’s wearing lipstick, especially a shade that pops out, lets say a deep red or a flashy pink for example, you can’t help thinking “Damn that girl must have a lot of confidence to be able to wear that shade and pull it off!”. And it’s true, when I do wear my raspberry shade lipstick, I do get that boost of confidence that makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Working in the Corporate world which is mostly dominated by men and older women, I do often have to prove myself and show that I belong there. It’s not easy and on more than one occasion I have gone to the bathroom to freshen up / apply my lipstick right before a meeting. Let me tell you when I did, I felt like a million bucks because I knew that I had everyone’s attention in that room and when I spoke, they wouldn’t think of me of the shy young girl but as a confident girl with new ideas who knows her stuff and can play with the Big Boys.

Another occasion where my deep pink lipstick has saved me is on those days where you don’t feel all that great either because you feel like crap, woke up late and didn’t have time to get fully ready or having a bad hair day (we all get them one day or another). Just by applying my lipstick that I know stands out, I felt so much better because 1) it removed focus from whatever wasn’t working for me that day and 2) gave me that extra boost that I was missing.
I’m all for Girl Power in the working world and I say:

“Ladies, get out that lipstick that you think is too bright and will draw attention and wear it with pride and confidence because YOU GOT THIS!”

– Mana
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